Welcome to ICAPP

To request access to ICAPP, click each button in the steps below and follow the instructions.
To EXPEDITE your request, complete steps in order.

  1. Request AMCOM Account - For assistance, call (256) 842-9711, DSN 788-9711. Email will be sent when complete.
  2. Complete ICAPP Access Form - Obtain REQUIRED signatures. Access WILL NOT be granted without signatures.
  3. Request ICAPP Account - STOP! Only proceed if email notification from step 1 has been received.
  4. Email Completed ICAPP Access Form - For assistance, click here to email the Mission Service Desk.
Login with CAC
For all ICAPP related Issues/Questions, send email to the Mission Service Desk: usarmy.redstone.amcom.mbx.g6-edms-tag@mail.mil

ICAPP Notices


If you encounter any ICAPP application issues or know of LMP data that should have loaded into ICAPP, please report the problems to the Mission Service Desk at 256-955-0196 / DSN 645-0196 or email them at usarmy.redstone.amcom.mbx.g6-edms-tag@army.mil.


To access the M&O Desk Guide and the M&O POC Listing, go to the main menu and click Help on the top toolbar, then click User Instructions. A word document will open containing links to the two documents in the lower right corner. To open, click on the name of the appropriate document. If you have any questions regarding the ICAPP M&O Business Process please contact Dale Sturdevant at dale.a.sturdevant.civ@mail.mil.